GBMS Tech – A Paradigm Shift in Cybersecurity

GBMS Tech Secured Business Continuity technologies provide proactive software protection and are radically different to traditional reactive anti-virus technologies available today that require continual ‘black list’ virus software file updates and patches.


Type Private Equity
Sector Cyber security/cyber insurance
Growth £11 Million (as per IM) year 1 gross profit
Target market SME’s to Tier 1 orgs
Projected 3 Year ROI 17x round valuation
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Cyber security revenues projected to be worth $251 Billion by 2023, developing at an 11 percent CAGR.

Global, growing need for cyber security. Crimes in cyberspace estimated at $445 billion, and increasing.

GBMS Tech offers a high level of security to businesses of all sizes.

Symantec says that AntiVirus is dead. The door is open for innovation, offered by the GBMS Defence in Depth.

Approved by cyber security insurance syndicates as a vast improvement on existing, traditional methods.


Cybersecurity is changing, and GBMS Tech’s paradigm-breaking technology is at the forefront. Anti-virus systems and products are only 5% effective at stopping “new” malware and around 19% effective, on average, after 2 months of original infection.

Cybersecurity is recognised as one of the greatest threats to business around the world, with the global cost of crimes in cyberspace estimated at $445 billion. 90% of large businesses and 74% of smaller companies experienced cyber attacks recently with an average of four times per year.

How GBMS Tech Makes a Difference

The concept is simple: if a virus and malware are rigorously stopped from infecting the host system, they cannot spread and infect. If hackers cannot enter the platform, they cannot disrupt it. GBMS Tech Secured Business Continuity technologies integrate fully into the Microsoft Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems and provide preventative protection capability.

GBMS Tech Secured Business Continuity technologies protects the host from all “unknown” and “zero day” viruses, unlike existing traditional anti-virus software. GBMS Tech prevents all malware; including ransom-ware, spy-ware, phishing and web robots from infecting the host.

The opportunity ahead

A huge opportunity exists for GBMS to provide protection for businesses of all sizes.

This is achieved by bringing together 50 years of cyber security experience, cyber technologies, each targeted at different attack vectors, and network monitoring hardware. The investment will be used to create a Threat Vector Analytics Platform to provide GBMS with threat analytics bringing together the different technologies across all Platforms and to provide customers with comprehensive analysis, reporting.

Sustainable competitive advantage

Working with Lloyds of London specialist cyber security insurance syndicates as a vast improvement on existing and traditional methodologies. As such they will offer more competitive and inclusive insurance cover when GBMS services are in place.

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