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At Bure Valley, we love innovation. That’s why we seek to unite the creators of exciting new products, services and industry breakthroughs with those who wish to invest in them. With over £40 million already raised and many active, exciting projects in the pipeline, we invite you to join our dynamic network of Angels, Consortiums and Sophisticated Investors to expand your exposure to financial success.

Access to Opportunity

Our Management team have over 20 years’ experience in investments and assisting start-ups. We know a good idea when we see it, and can help innovative startups and pioneering investors find mutual opportunity.

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Access to Partners

Our exclusive network comprises sophisticated investors and successful Consortiums. Join and gain easy access to special investments in high-growth, niche equities, as well as unique areas such as UK Film and property.

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Access to Funding

Our leading investment partners are looking for the next big industry breakthrough. Secure funding for your business with our Influential Tactics, Reliable Instructions, and Proper Consideration solutions.

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View some of our latest projects below with over £40 million raised in funding so far…


The company seeks to facilitate the transition to sustainable, affordable and efficient transport in urban areas.

NexGen Cloud

NexGen Cloud are infrastructure solution specialists to the cloud computing industry.

Closed: Tribune Group

A New Combustion technology that increases profits and lowers the worlds carbon footprint.


Cudo are developing a platform to use the world's under-utilised computing capacity for commercial and charitable purposes.

Plastic Green Power

PGP is a London based energy consultancy, formed to commercialise the sustainable opportunities in the UK distributed energy markets.

Closed: Papa One

PAPA ONE LTD has been formed to invest in Solar Projects in advanced phases of feasibility in Mexico.

Closed: Storelectric

Storelectric is a multi-award-winning UK company aiming to commercialise Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) on a mass scale.

Secure the SEIS or EIS approval to get your business growing!

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is a tax-relief scheme launched by the UK government in 1994. It was designed to invite more private investment into developing companies not yet quoted on the stock market.

With Bure Valley, you can join a free investment network to harness these opportunities. You choose which ventures you want to invest in, with the peace of mind that successful business angels have also invested in them. Save massively on tax (e.g. Income tax relief of 30%), and reap other great EIS benefits too such as loss relief, reduced IHT liability, and exemptions / deferrals on Capital Gains.

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