Bure Valley Group thrives on joining wealthy, sophisticated investors with dynamic startups seeking funding for their big idea...

Our objective is make everyone a winner, providing secure funding for businesses and high ROI for investors.

Why Bure Valley?

Exlusive Network

For both investors and startups, our network offers a unique, exciting and exclusive environment to connect with great financial opportunities.

A Strong Record

With over £40m already raised in funding, and a rapidly growing network of expert Investors and Consortiums, our record speaks for itself.

Risk & Expense

Our stringent qualification process minimises risk to investors, and we keep primitive expense low. We use the SEIS / EIS schemes to work to this end.

Are you an Angel looking for the next big opportunity, or a business owner looking for that game-changing funding...?

If you are an investor on a mission to get a piece of the next future tech giant or industry disruptor, join us and sign up as a member for Exclusive access to Existing and Up and coming Projects!

If you are a business owner seeking funding to launch your venture forward, then we can open doors for you by appraising your company, and help you craft an investment proposal to our exclusive network.

Meet The Team

Meet the architects, overseers and organisers of the Bure Valley Group network below.

Chris Starkey


Chris started his professional Career in 2005 by raising money for developers throughout the UK. He soon progressed to Senior company manager, leading a team of over 50 staff at one of the UK’s fastest growing property sales and distribution companies. Chris also played a pivotal role in the expansion of distribution channels throughout Asia, China and the Middle East.

It was at this time Chris developed a unique skill set in understanding the needs and requirements of more affluent investors. He went on to set up a Private Equity Division specialising in Tax efficient Investments in the UK. Here, he assisted startups with Seed Investment, along with growth funding for post revenue companies and pre-IPO situated companies.

Since then Chris has raised millions of pounds for new start up businesses, and has developed strong relationships with a wide range of entrepreneurs and Investors. In recent years Chris has played an integral role in the development and commercialisation of innovative technology companies, two of which have grown from “idea stage” to being valued at over £50 million.

Chris has a drive and passion for trying to find the next “Big Thing” and has a unique ability to negotiate lucrative opportunities for Bure Valley’s network of Investors.

When Chris is not in work mode he switches off by spending time with his wife Kiera and two young boys. Charlie & Louie. Chris’s hobbies include; Anything to do with the sea! Scuba diving, Kite Surfing or just taking the boat out with his boys for a spot of fishing.

Peter Dunphy

Has extensive experience of Corporate Finance and Managing Funding Processes, he has successfully concluded a number of major private equity investments. He regularly presents to industry bodies such as the EIS Association. Peter was the CEO of a highly successful global business services company and has also worked as a Management Consultant for an international firm working in the creative and digital media sectors and as an Investment Director for ‘Dragons Den’s James Caan.

Antony Wade


Antony began his professional career in 1990 in senior management, working with a world-leading blue chip manufacturing company. During this 10 year stint, Antony built up an extensive knowledge of the financial management industry, also collecting and nurturing a wide portfolio of trusted property contacts. This led to a new career challenge in 2010. Anthony was appointed Sales manager Mortgage Matters Partnership, where he enhanced revenue streams over 900% during his 10 year period in the role.

Antony joined Bure Valley Group early this year as a company Director. With his invaluable skill-set and extensive experience in financial management, he works directly with high profile PE companies and High Net Worth individuals to support their financial and investment needs.

Working in conjunction with Gizmo Films, his vast knowledge and understanding of tax-efficient investments continues to grow from strength to strength. The critically acclaimed “Funny Cow” and “The Quiet One” (rolling stones) are just a couple of the recent projects that Anthony has worked on, all with huge success.

He brings to Bure Valley a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has played a critical role in strengthening and growing Bure Valley Group.

When he is not growing the empire, Antony enjoys going bowling. You will also find him on the Lake fishing!

Charlotte Arden

An Executive Producer with extensive Marketing, Events Management and Film Making experience which includes Casting, Publicity, Fundraising and Investor Relations. Charlotte has developed, maintained and personally nurtured a wide network portfolio consisting of Sophisticated and High Net Worth Investors.

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