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Are you looking to secure SEIS or EIS approval to get your business growing?

Bure Valley Group has considerable experience helping new businesses secure the funding they need for accelerated growth. To speak to us about SEIS or EIS opportunities with our network, we’d love to hear from you.

  • Exclusive Investors
  • Over 20 Years’ Experience
  • Different Funding Options

We can present you with investment opportunities in companies which are eligible for SEIS, and which pass our stringent qualifying process.

We give wealthy, sophisticated investors access to an exclusive range of high-potential startup companies, with massive profit opportunity and tax benefits.

Examples of potential tax reliefs

Capital Gains Tax

If you hold shares in an EIS company for 3 years, and you claim income tax relief on them, then any gains on these are exempt from CGT.

Income Tax

With SEIS you can claim back 50% of your investment back offset against your income tax liabilities.

Relief on Losses

If the shares you hold are sold at a loss, then you can offset this against your income tax. This minimises risk & financial loss.

Why work with us

Our expert management team have a combined 20 years’ experience in assisting start-ups.

At the heart of our company lies a management team with an impressive cumulative experience of 20 years, dedicated to nurturing and guiding start-ups. Our knowledge, accumulated over decades, enables us to identify and capitalise on opportunities with precision.

This unparalleled expertise ensures that every start-up under our guidance benefits from insights that are both strategic and actionable. When it comes to understanding the unique challenges and potential of budding businesses, our team knows an opportunity when they see it.

Showcasing business strengths for genuine investor partnerships and growth.

We work to highlight the strengths of your business, making it appealing to potential investors. By refining and preparing your business details carefully, we aim to present it as a solid investment choice. Then, we connect you to our wide network of experienced Investors

and Consortiums. These are individuals and groups known for their thoughtful investment decisions. Our goal is to foster genuine partnerships that help both your business and investors grow together in a straightforward manner.

Where visionary founders meet insightful investor partnerships.

We serve as a go-between visionary founders and astute investors, facilitating growth funding that empowers businesses to reach new horizons. For founders, this means tapping into resources that catalyse their ventures’ potential. For investors, it’s an opportunity to invest in meticulously curated

enterprises promising sustainable growth. Our approach ensures that both parties don’t just transact, but form symbiotic relationships, fostering a thriving ecosystem where innovation meets investment, and dreams meet tangible growth.

Postpone UK capital gains tax through reinvestment.

For UK resident investors, deferral relief offers a tax-saving avenue by allowing them to postpone the payment of capital gains tax (CGT) on certain gains. Specifically, if an investor realises a chargeable gain from selling any asset or from a previously deferred gain, they can delay the

CGT payment by channeling the proceeds into new shares of a qualifying unquoted trading company. This mechanism not only provides immediate tax relief but also encourages reinvestment into growing businesses, fostering economic development and promoting entrepreneurial endeavors within the UK.

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      Bure Valley was recommended to us by a business angel networking group in mid-2019. We quickly formed a strong rapport with both Chris and Antony, agreeing an initial fundraising target for the following months.

      Their delivery was fast and effective, leading us to increase their target. Overall, we have been very impressed with the level of engagement and support shown by their team and will happily recommend them to other start-up businesses looking to raise capital.

      Pete HillPartnership Director, Cudo.

      We first engaged with Bure Valley Group when we were introduced to them via one of our founders. Our technology was still in development and we needed funding to finish the job.

      Bure Valley not only invested but bought with them key investors that enabled us to finish development and move on to trials/sales. The financial assistance we received from Bure Valley and their network of investors, enabled us to bring our tech from Idea stage to reality.

      Eddie MasonCEO Tribune Group