Are you looking for SEIS or EIS approval, or to invest tax-efficiently in those who have attained it?

Fully leverage tax-relief benefits of the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) through Bure Valley Group’s business solutions. Watch the video to find out more.

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

Bure Valley Group helps new, dynamic business access more funding through SEIS, and investors find lower-risk profit opportunities.

SEIS is designed to minimise the financial pain of a failed investment, and improve the return on those which go right. At Bure Valley Group, we can present you with investment opportunities in companies which are eligible for SEIS, and which pass our stringent qualifying process. In other words, use our network to gain access to more potential profit, at less tax and lower risk.

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Enterprise Investment Scheme

Giving exciting startups access to finance, and investors access to tax-efficient opportunities to invest in an exclusive set of small companies.

At Bure Valley, we give wealthy, sophisticated investors access to an exclusive range of high-potential startup companies, with massive profit opportunity and tax benefits. (Gain 30% tax relief on up to £1,000,000 of investments in a tax year). For companies, Bure Valley can help you offer tax relief on new shares as an incentive to raise finance.

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Above all, we aim to make your business as attractive an investment as possible, before reaching out to our network of proficient, sophisticated Investors and Consortiums.

Our objective is to achieve high ROI and access to funding through efficient planning and investment, while keeping risk and primitive expenses low…

Discover some of the advantages of EIS...

Examples of potential tax reliefs...

Capital Gains Tax

If you hold shares in an EIS company for 3 years, and you claim income tax relief on them, then any gains on these are exempt from CGT.

Income Tax

With SEIS you can claim back 50% of your investment back offset against your income tax liabilities…

Relief on Losses

If the shares you hold are sold at a loss, then you can offset this against your income tax. This minimises risk & financial loss.

Helping Investors Leverage Deferral Relief…

Deferral relief allows a UK resident investor to defer capital gains tax (CGT) on a chargeable gain. Provided this arises from the disposal of any asset, or a gain previously deferred, by investing in new shares of a qualifying unquoted trading company.

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