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Next generation hybrid dual fuel technology that increases profits and lowers the World’s carbon footprint. After years of investment and R & D, Tribune Group (TGL) has developed a retrofit dual fuel system - addvantage that fits to heavy duty truck engines to reduce CO2 by 23% and fuel costs by 9.5%.


Private Equity


Technology & Emmissions Reduction

Target Return

Potential 20x ROI (projected exit in 5 yrs)

Equity Raise

£1 million Series B



Raised To Date

£5 million

addvantage – A revolutionary fuel cost reduction and emissions lowering technology.

Tribune has invested nearly £5M to date in developing both the opportunity and the technology. The system has now been extensively tested over more than 10M miles with a combination of both internal testing and early beta customers.

Whilst electric and hydrogen trucks are possible technologies of the future, addvantage is a technology for today. Simply retrofitted in 4 hours with no capital expenditure, addvantage enables its customers to instantly meet the challenging 2025 emissions targets today whilst also making significant savings.

Not only have has the addvantage system been comprehensively tested and trialled over 10 million miles of use, the performance has been independently verified by world renowned specialist Emissions Analytics (report available on request). This has also been verified with detailed testing at Millbrook Proving Ground with one of the UK’s top five fleet operators.


23% CO2 emissions reduction coupled with 9.5% average fuel cost saving for heavy goods vehicles. EIS-approved (tax efficient investment) led by a 16-strong experienced management team.

Over £3 million R&D investment to date, with the directors having invested more than £2.5M. Addressable market in the UK alone of over 600,000 HGV’s representing an annual revenue opportunity in excess of £1Bn.

2023 saw TGL transition from R&D to commercial sales with several contracts signed worth more than £2M with an extended pipeline worth in excess of £165M.

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How it works

addvantage dual fuel substitutes up to 25% of diesel consumed with LPG which is both significantly cheaper and cleaner than diesel producing average fuel cost savings of 9.5% and CO2 reductions of 23% when using bioLPG.

Tribune has developed a proprietary “dashboard” interface using it’s in-built sim card which allows customers to see savings and emissions reductions in real time via an app, web interface or an API. This data can be used to compile detailed automated reporting and can also be used to support monetisation of carbon credits.

The opportunity ahead

The UK alone has over 600,000 heavy duty trucks representing a potential annual total market in excess of £1Bn based upon our fixed rental price of £150 per truck / month.

Our technology is applicable to most heavy-duty diesel engines and there are many other applications such as construction (yellow plant), agriculture, marine, military and trains that represent substantial future opportunities which aren’t yet included in our financial forecasts.

Our total pipeline of prospects is in excess of 75 customers representing over 30,000 trucks which if converted would represent over £200M of contracted sales. Our system has a very significant gross margin greater than 80% and sales rapidly convert into both positive cashflow and profitability.

Total revenues and pre-tax profits over the next 5 years are forecast to be in excess of £200M and £140M respectively.

TGL anticipates valuing the company, at exit, in excess of £800M, based upon 10 x EBIT. This would result in a ROI over x20and a risk adjusted ROI in excess of x50 for EIS qualifying investors. Due to the unique nature of this product, its forecast demand, repeatable contracted revenues and its overall potential, assessing exits from similar companies is difficult although ‘Auto-related’ companies have been sold in recent years for in excess of x30 EBIT.

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