Industry Reports

Industry Reports

Industry Report: The Internet of Things

The modern era is one of connectivity on a gigantic scale, and this doesn’t just apply to human connections. The internet of things or ‘IoT’ is a blossoming technology that, with thanks to the proliferation of cheap computer chips and wireless networks, can allow for…
Phil Teale
July 10, 2020
Industry Reports

Email Security: 2020 Industry Report

Despite rapid technological advancements in social media, voice messaging and other forms of innovative communication, email is as alive as it was twenty years ago. Perhaps more so. At the same time, new solutions are constantly being developed to counter the ever-evolving security threats to…
Phil Teale
June 12, 2020
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Cybersecurity: Here and Now

Many aspects of our lives are soon to become digitized if they haven’t been already. With so many businesses and institutions pushing for digital transformation, the need to cybersecurity is rising and is likely to remain a necessity throughout our technologically enhanced lives.
April 10, 2020