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The company seeks to facilitate the transition to sustainable, affordable and efficient transport in urban areas.

NexGen Cloud

NexGen Cloud are infrastructure solution specialists to the cloud computing industry.

Closed: Tribune Group

A New Combustion technology that increases profits and lowers the worlds carbon footprint.


Cudo are developing a platform to use the world's under-utilised computing capacity for commercial and charitable purposes.

Plastic Green Power

PGP is a London based energy consultancy, formed to commercialise the sustainable opportunities in the UK distributed energy markets.

Closed: Papa One

PAPA ONE LTD has been formed to invest in Solar Projects in advanced phases of feasibility in Mexico.

Closed: Storelectric

Storelectric is a multi-award-winning UK company aiming to commercialise Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) on a mass scale.

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Tech Startups

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Property Loan Notes

Get the benefits of high-value property investment, without the landlord hassles, by joining our network of specialist lenders.

The Film Industry

At Bure Valley, our network has invested in movies that have produced impressive returns. Find your own opportunity here.

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